Erica Rossmann


    Welcome to Miss Rossmann's
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    Dismissal Procedures..... 
    Please email myself ( and Mrs. Russell ( with all dismissal changes and put a note in your child's folder.


     Classroom Reminders....
    - Empty folders every night!
    - Send homework folder back each morning. 
    - Send a small, healthy snack each day. 



    Miss Rossmann's Specials Schedule





    FUN ways to practice trick words at home:

    *use play-doh and spell out words by making letters
    *use a cookie sheet and shaving cream, practice writing words with your finger in the shaving cream      

    *use wiki-sticks to build your trick words    
    *use magnetic letters and spell words on a cookie sheet or refrigerator 


    Responsive Classroom… 
    In our classroom we are a school family.  We are using the activities and techniques from responsive classroom to create a comfortable and welcoming learning environment, where each student feels comfortable being themselves and taking risks as learners.  Use the link below to learn more!