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    United States History II - Post Reconstruction to Internet Era

    Units of Study - Economic, political, and social implications of the Guilded age.
               Era of Immigration and Political corruption
               Progressive Reformation
               WWI with focus on post war European policy
               1920's consumerism and economic implications
                       The Great Depression and the New Deal
               WWII - Domestic, European, and Pacific Theater
               Cold War -Foreign Policy, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Asia, USSR
               Modern Domestic and Foreign Policy - Reagan, Bush, Clinton

    Economics & Investment- Introduction to Macroeconomics, Microeconomics and               Investment  (see course attachment)

    Philosophy Honors - 

    • Differentiate the principles, concepts, methods and applications to philosophy regarding such issues as         reasoning, logic, religion, psychology and ethics. 
    • Compare and contrast movements in Greek philosophy especially Plato and Aristotle. 
    • Analyze the key metaphysical and epistemological ideas of the greatest thinkers of what is often called         philosophy’s “golden age:” Descartes, Spinoza, Leibnitz, Locke, Hume and Kant. 
    • Synthesize significant philosophical contributions to our understanding of politics and society. 
    • Explore how we acquire knowledge and the ability to articulate knowledge. 
    • Evaluate what distinguishes a good deductive argument from a bad one. 
    • Analyze the nature of logic by identifying the various operations of the mind or intellect. 
    • Examine the theory of existentialism by distinguishing its emphasis on human existence and that meaning is         created through action and choices. 
    • Analyze the great works of scientists, artists, statesmen and theologians and how they have been         influenced by the work of philosophers. 


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