Student Government


    Thank you for visiting the home page for student government. For specific information about the student council or class councils, please view the toolbar to the left. Here are your elected student leaders and faculty advisors for 2020-2021:


    Student Council



    Executive Board: 

    President - Caitlin Olive 

    Vice President - Joe Reed 

    PTSO Rep - Adriana Verlangieri 

    BOE Rep - Kaitlin Stifelman 

    Secretary - Jay Messina 

    Treasurer - Ashley Collinson 

    Public Relations Rep - Matt Silva 


    Class of 2021: 

    President - Claire Doto 

    Vice President - Jake Hart 

    Committee Coordinator - Matt Park 

    Fundraising Rep - Maddie Plansky 

    Public Relations Rep - Katie Dietrich 


    Class of 2022:

    President - Kaley O'Meara

    Vice President - Emma Halper 

    Committee Coordinator & Fundraising Rep - Dillon Kalinani

    Public Relations Rep - Dara Frankel 


    Class of 2023: 

    President - Michael Cioci 

    Vice President - Julia Malino 

    Committee Coordinator - Jessica Ackerman 

    Fundraising Rep - Kayla De Brito 

    Public Relations Rep - Gavin Edmur