• Welcome to the Community School's Ski Club general information page. 


     If you have questions about the weather and how it will affect your child's ski club trip, please call the Ski Club hotline at (973) 328-4700.


    It's going to be another terrific season! 
    REGISTRATION for the 2018-19 SEASON Will Open October 15 at
    Please note that all elementary school club and RMS 6th grade club members must register with Shawnee by November 20 to receive the 6th trip free!

    Skiing and/or snowboarding are lifetime sports. The Community School operates ski clubs in all four elementary schools, the middle school and high school for district students.
    • All clubs are supervised by adult chaperones on the bus and the slopes.
    • Comfortable charter buses with DVDs are used for the trips.
    • Snowboarding is also available for all clubs.
    • Helmets are mandatory in all clubs.
    • Wrist guards are mandatory for snowboarders.
    • Enrollment is on a first-come; first-served basis.  When a bus fills up, we start a waiting list until we have enough for another bus.  Your payment is not processed until we reach our minimum number to start a bus. 

    Elementary & 6th Grade Club:  Shawnee Mountain ski/snowboard lesson information and safety/security enforcement policy available below.  Scroll down.

    Scroll to down to "Related Links" and click on the National Ski Areas Association (NSAA) for safety facts and tips.

    Below is a parent letter to one of the Head Ski Advisors:

    I want to thank you for all that you do to organize ski club and make the experience both safe and fun for the kids.  I can remember the first trip that my son went on when he was in 5th grade. Another mom and I drove up to hang out at the lodge and just see what it was all about and how it was run. (I didn't know you at the time :)  I went away from that first day with complete confidence that this was going to be a great experience for him and was happy to sign my daughter up when the opportunity was offered ..."

    I consider ski club one of those opportunities that allow my kids to grow and to learn to become more responsible for themselves, their time, gear and money.  You and the other teachers set a terrific tone for the experience and the kids know that they need to be responsible or they aren't allowed to participate.

    I know it must be nerve wracking for you at times but I appreciate all the time, effort and energy you (and the other teachers!!) put into making this fun and positive experience for all.

    All my best to you!!"

    How do I know the status of the ski trips?
    PLEASE, do not call your child's school.
    Depending upon weather conditions, a decision may not be made until noon on the day of the trip.
    1. Check for a message on the ski phone (973-328-4700).
    2. Check the front page of this website (
      If school is closed for the day, the ski trips are postponed. Make-up dates will be listed on this page.  Most make-up dates will be added to the end of the schedule, however, as we get closer to the end of the season, another day of the week may have to be chosen.  Refunds are not given for missed make-up dates.  Consider this when enrolling.
    3. Emails will be sent out for postponed trips and bus delays.
    4. Please do not call your child's school.


    Please check for further updates as well as our ski club hotline at (973) 328-4700. If you need any further information, please contact the Randolph Community School at (973) 361-0808 ext. 8603 or email


    Need more info?  Please call us at 973-361-0808, x8603.

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