• Instructions


    Desktop/Laptop Access

    • Go to https://bit.ly/35MQZ6f
    • If prompted to open “Microsoft Teams” click “Cancel”
    • Click “Watch on the web instead”
    • If prompted to “Sign In” select “Join anonymously”
    • The presentation will be in the center of the screen with the Q&A section to the right. (see below on how to submit public comments)


    Mobile Access

    • You will be asked to install the “Microsoft Teams” app when you access the session. It is strongly recommended you install this app before connecting.
    • Go to https://bit.ly/35MQZ6f
    • When prompted, click “Open it” to open the Microsoft Teams app on your mobile device.
    • The presentation will cover the full screen of the app. The Q&A section (used for public comments) is the chat bubble with a question mark at the top right corner of the screen. (see below on how to submit public comments)


    Public Comments

    When the board meeting is open for public comments you will be able to “Ask a question” under the Q&A section. The intention is to provide public comments similar to a traditional board meeting.

    To post a comment for review and public distribution click the “Ask a question” button once we are open for public comments.

    • In the “Your name” field please enter your First Name, Last Name and street address as with any traditional board meeting.
    • Use the “Ask a question” field to enter your public statement. Please include your email address if you make a statement and would like a response from the board of education.
    • NOTE – Anonymous messages may not be approved for public viewing.


    Board Meeting Call Bridge

    Phone Number: +1 929-229-5751

    Conference ID: 294 778 785#