• Frequently Asked Questions


    Here you can find some of the most frequently asked questions about the way the Board of Education works and the best way for the community and the Board to work together. As Board members, we are entrusted by the community to set the course for the school district and to make informed decisions in the best interest of our district; in short, it is our duty to ensure the district is well run. We hope that the information below will help residents better understand the role of the Board and our responsibilities.

    For more information on how boards work, please visit the NJ School Board Association’s Frequently Asked Questions page at https://www.njsba.org/news-information/parent-connections/school-board-basics-frequently-asked-questions/or email us. Board contact info can be found here https://www.rtnj.org/domain/38


    What is the responsibility of the Randolph Board of Education?

    The members of the Randolph Board of Education both represent the needs of the students and district to the community of Randolph and express the needs of the community to district administrators. Board members set the goals and provide direction for the district and ensure that the administration is achieving those goals. We ensure that the district is well run, but we do not run the district. Instead, the Board sets policy for the district and plans for its future. The Board consists of nine community members elected for three-year terms.

    How often are Board meetings held and where?

    The Board typically meets two Tuesday evenings per month, for one a business session and one a work session.  During the work session, the Board primarily receives and delivers reports while during the business session, the Board focuses on making decisions and passing motions. Meetings are held at Randolph High School in the library and the public portion of the meeting begins at 8:00 pm.  The schedule of upcoming meetings can be found here: https://www.rtnj.org/domain/41.

    Can members of the community attend/speak at Board Meetings?

    Yes, community members are encouraged to attend Board meetings to get a fuller sense of the work being done in the district. Meeting minutes and important presentations are also shared on the district website for community members who were unable to attend a meeting. Community members are welcome to speak and address matters of importance to them at designated times during the meetings. Community members are also encouraged to attend open committee meetings where they can have a chance to speak.  See more about committee meetings below.

    When a community member addresses the Board, he/she is asked to identify him or herself and any group the person may be representing. Commentary and questions should relate to district business and programs; however, community members can discuss any topic which is on their mind.

    Can I discuss concerns regarding the district or my child’s educational experience directly with the Board of Education?

    There is an established list of district representatives to communicate with parents and community members on a variety of matters.  These “Key Communicators” are designated to help ensure that any concerns are handled quickly and effectively by those closest to the issue. If you feel your concern has not been adequately addressed, then you can bring your concern to the Board of Education. However, you are strongly encouraged to exhaust the chain of command before doing so.  You can find contact information by visiting the district Contact Matrix page.

    What do the Board committees focus on?

    The Board has six committees to handle specific areas of focus: Communications; Education; Finance, Facilities and Transportation (FFT); Personnel; Policy and Negotiations.  The majority of the Board’s work is discussed during committee meetings.  The community is welcome to attend and can make public statements/comments at all open (advertised) committee meetings.

    When is it appropriate to bring an issue to a committee chair?

    No one Board member alone can impact change, but we are here to hear your concerns and direct them to the right place. We want to encourage people to come to us as we are a conduit of information to and for the public.  Open committee meetings are also a great way to be informed of what is happening, and they are listed in the Board schedule. (Link to committees https://www.rtnj.org/Page/251and schedule page https://www.rtnj.org/Page/2312) We are proud to have open committee meetings and encourage the public to attend.

    What happens in a Board Executive Session?

    School boards are permitted to meet behind closed doors for certain private matters.  Topics that may be covered in Executive Sessions include legal matters, personnel issues, student matters, labor negotiations, land acquisition and other confidential discussions.   Board members may not disclose to the public any of the discussions that take place during Executive Session.