• In order to provide the best and most up-to-date information to our students, parents and community members, we have compiled a Contact Matrix to identify the key communicators for each area of expertise within the district. 

    Below, we have also included some Frequently Asked Questions to help with your information search. Some of these may provide answers for the topics you are looking for before the need to reach out to a district staff member.

    We hope you find these contacts and information helpful and, as always, welcome an open dialogue to continually improve the educational experience of our students.

    If your question has not been addressed within this list, this Contact Matrix can direct you to the appropriate contact for assistance. 

    Please click the section heading for answers to the questions below.

  • Curriculum


    - How is the curriculum kept current? How are new classes added?
    - Do students have to take NJSLA (formerly PARCC)?

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  • School Counseling

    School Counseling

    - What do school counselors do?
    - How does my child get assigned a counselor?
    - When do students go to their Counselor?
    - My child is struggling with emotional issues, can the School Counseling department help?
    - What is Naviance and when do students begin working with the program?
    - How do School Counselors prepare students for college selection and application?
    - When should students seek advice from the College and Career Specialist?
    - How do I find what scholarships my child is able to apply for?

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  • Interacting with Teachers and Administrators

    Interacting with Teachers and Administrators

    - When is it appropriate to contact the building principal?

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  • Athletics


    - How is money allocated to various athletic programs?
    - What is the role of the Athletic Director?
    - Why are athletic events/practices scheduled during school breaks?
    - What is the policy for who makes a team? Do some students not make the team, i.e., get cut?
    - Do we have organized teams at schools before High School?
    - What is the concussion protocol for the school?

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  • Visual & Performing Arts

    Visual & Performing Arts

    - What programs does Randolph offer?
    - Can students participate in more than one group?
    - How are the school plays selected? How many plays are there per year/per school?

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