• What is Intervention and Referral Services (I&RS)?

    I&RS is a state mandated system of clearly defined steps that are taken to assist a struggling student in improving educational outcomes. These steps are taken by a multi-disciplinary team, which meets, regularly, to monitor the success of students identified through the referral process, as needing specific academic and/or behavior “interventions” in order to be successful. These interventions are monitored over a period of time and may be modified, enhanced or discontinued as indicated by the needs of the student involved. The I&RS team aids students in the general education program, but also provides support for students determined to be in need of special education programs.


    Meetings- Weekly


    • Ms. Baxter - Principal
    • TBD - Vice Principal
    • Mr. Olsen - Interim Director of School Counseling
    • Mrs. Finocchiaro- School counselor/ I&RS & 504 Coordinator
    • Mrs. Landers- School counselor


    District Policy:2417