• Intervention & Referral Services

    Intervention and Referral Services, also known to many as I&RS, is an interdisciplinary team of professionals within the school environment who come together throughout the school year to develop short-term intervention plans to support the whole child which includes supports for academic, behavioral, physical, social, and emotional needs.


    Fernbrook's I&RS Team:

    Dr. Michelle Bernal, Principal

    Mr. Michael Scott, Vice Principal

    Mrs. Jenise Janulis, Basic Skills Teacher Grades 4-5

    Mrs. Viviana Serna, Basic Skills Teacher Grades 2-3

    Mrs. Lauren Buonocore, Reading Specialist

    Mrs. Krissy Atelek, Social Worker

    Child's Classroom Teacher


    Other Committee Members (for specific I&RS plans):

    Mrs. Debbie Hessels, School Counselor

    Mrs. Barbara Gontarski, Behaviorist

    Dr. Caitlin Olver, OT


    District Policy:  2417