• Summer Opportunities


    The Randolph Summer Academy is taking registration for its summer courses through May 22. Students can earn credit in Algebra I, Geometry, or Personal Finance this summer. Students also have the option of combating summer slide by attending the Algebra I Refresher, a week-long math tutoring course for $150. Randolph Summer Academy classes are unique opportunities for students to get ahead.  Updated information about these courses can be found here. Registration has been extended until May 22.

    Please note that Precalculus and Personal Finance Session II, as advertised earlier, will not be running this summer due to lack of early enrollment.

    2017 Program Schedule

    Randolph Township Schools is pleased to announce new opportunities for students to accelerate
    their learning. The Randolph Summer Academy is designed for students interested in taking a
    class this summer for credit or for those who would like additional help in high school math. The
    original credit courses are for students who would like to fulfill a graduation requirement and be
    able to take higher-level or full-year elective courses during the regular school year. The refresher
    course is for students who would like some additional support in math before the school year

    Original credit courses are equivalent in rigor and content to courses offered during the regular
    school year at Randolph High School. Therefore, students can take a course offered this summer
    and have it count towards graduation. This option will allow students to complete a math course
    over the summer to enroll in a higher-level math class for the next school year. However, taking a
    math class this summer should not take the place of completing a math course during the regular
    school year. A student who takes Algebra I in the summer should enroll in geometry in the fall; a student who takes Geometry this summer should consider Algebra II in the fall; a
    student who completes pre-calculus should consider either calculus or AP Statistics (or others) in
    the fall. By taking personal finance over the summer and fulfilling the financial literacy
    requirement, students will have the opportunity to enroll in a full-year elective without needing to meet this graduation requirement.


    For more information, please read the flyer below. The registration deadline has been extended to May 22.

    For information, please contact Director of Secondary Education Jonathan Olsen at jolsen@rtnj.org.