Central Office Administration


    Ms. Jennifer A. Fano  

    Ms. Jennifer A. Fano 

     Superintendent of Schools 




    Mr. Gerald Eckert

    Business Administrator and Board Secretary



     Stephen Frost

    Mr. Stephen Frost

    Assistant Business Administrator and Board Secretary



    Jonathan Olsen

    Mr. Jonathan Olsen

    Director of Secondary Education




    Danielle Soldivieri

    Mrs. Danielle Soldivieri

    Director of Elementary Education


    Walter Curioni    

      Mr. Walter Curioni

    Director of Special Services




    Mrs. Evy Falcon-Duran  

    Supervisor of Special Services



    Meredith Conway

     Ms. Meredith Gatzke

    Director of Employee Relations


    Peter Emmel  

    Mr. Peter Emmel

    Director of Technology


     Andy Hurd

    Mr. Andy Hurd

    Director of Facilities


    Harry Ruiz

    Mr. Harry Ruiz

    Director of Security


    John Aymil

    Mr. John Aymil

    Director of Transportation