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Middle School Education

Randolph Middle School is An Educational Bridge

Randolph Middle School provides students with a learning environment that fosters their social, emotional and academic growth as they travel between childhood and adolescence. Randolph Township School's mission of educating the whole child is at the heart of the middle school’s program. With students coming from all four elementary schools, the team-based structure creates smaller learning communities within the school to support students’ transition to their new learning environment. The grade level school counselor mentors each student all three years at Randolph Middle School to provide consistent support and guidance. Randolph Middle School's dedicated and highly skilled staff are passionate middle level educators who strive to provide students with authentic learning experiences that teach students the academic and social/emotional skills that they will need to be successful. In addition to a robust academic program, students may choose from a variety of STEM, Visual and Performing Arts and Family and Consumer Science electives to explore their passions, interests and purpose. Randolph Middle School also offers a variety of after school clubs for students to further develop their interests and to develop new relationships with their peers. Through constant exploration in a positive and safe learning environment, all students leave Randolph Middle School fully prepared to grow as they begin their next journey into Randolph High School.