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K-12 Curriculum

Randolph Township Schools is pleased to announce that all district curriculum documents can now be easily accessed via a new software platform called Rubicon Atlas. Over the last few years, district administrators have worked to identify a solution to better manage district curriculum for both staff and the public. Atlas was identified as the best solution to meet this need and over the past year, we have worked to move all district curriculum PDF documents to this new software platform. Any curriculum written or revised this summer by teachers was also done using Atlas. A brief tutorial for using Atlas is included below. Once you have had an opportunity to review these instructions, the public is invited to access this website and district curriculum at:

Atlas curriculum portal 

Instructions for Using Atlas

Brief Tutorial

Upon visiting the website, the public can utilize the “Browse” feature under the “All Curriculum” selection on the top toolbar. This will take the user to all district documents. By default, once “Browse” is selected, all courses in the Atlas system will appear. To make it easier to find a specific document, on the left-hand side of the screen are filter options. These can be used to find a curriculum based on different criteria including level, grade, or subject.  

For faculty, Atlas is a software platform that makes it easy for staff to write curriculum and collaborate. For the public, the new website is designed to allow for rapid access of district documents in one place. Anyone looking at district documents in Atlas will be able to see standards and other key features like knowledge and skills statements. An added benefit of Atlas is that a timeline is provided for each course so parents and/or guardians will be better informed as to when content will be taught in a class. Rubicon Atlas offers a seamless and integrated experience for all. Migrating to Atlas was a major initiative for the district, and we are pleased to launch this new website.