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Dual Enrollment & Career Pathways

Randolph Township Schools Partners with County College of Morris

Dual enrollment is an opportunity to introduce college level course work to high school students outside of the typical Advanced Placement framework. Students can remain enrolled at Randolph High School while also completing classes at County College of Morris (CCM). According to the Community College Research Center (CCRC), "dual enrollment participation is positively related to a range of college outcomes including college enrollment and persistence, greater credit accumulation and higher college GPA." Randolph High School continues to investigate ways to offer dual enrollment opportunities to students to earn college credit and potentially work toward certificated programs while also earning their high school diploma.

“One of our missions in Randolph is to foster innovation. To fulfill that vision, we strive to create an exemplary learning community that prepares students to excel in a complex interconnected and changing world. The achievement of college education is one of multiple pathways for students to explore to become the responsible, capable and progressive world leaders we know they can be," Superintendent Jennifer Fano said. "Our partnership with CCM enhances accessibility for students to higher education. CCM’s rich history of academic excellence in Morris County has left an indelible impact on the lives of thousands of students. I am grateful for the partnership and the opportunity for students to pursue college level course work while enrolled at Randolph High School.”

Dual Enrollment Courses & Career Pathway Programs

In addition to County College of Morris, Randolph High School partners with Fairleigh Dickinson University and Rider University to offer students the opportunity to earn college credits in approved dual enrollment courses. Dual enrollment enables high school students to gauge their ability to do college work prior to full-time college study. Upon successful completion of a dual enrollment course, students are awarded college transcripts that record credits earned. These credits are transferable to hundreds of colleges and universities nationwide.

Randolph High School also offers career pathway programs designed to expose students to a focused series of courses that will further prepare them for colleges and careers. These courses help students connect learning in the classroom with real-world application. By selecting a four-course sequence in a pathway, students will pursue an area of interest similar to a college major.