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Alternative Physical Education

With our commitment to helping students manage the many amazing opportunities the high school has to offer, Randolph High School continues to look for ways to ensure every student has a personalized and meaningful experience. In the past, the high school had an option for student athletes to “opt-out” of physical education for one marking period. While “opting-out” of any class is not allowed, the high school wanted to identify ways to give students the ability to review their needs and have choices during an athletic season. 

The New Jersey Department of Education allows every school district to utilize Option II as a means for students to independently design learning opportunities and demonstrate growth toward meeting and/or exceeding the standards. 

Guidelines were established for student athletes who wish to pursue Option II as a potential alternative to the traditional physical education class. Choosing an alternative to the regular physical education class requires the student athlete to design their own learning experience, track their ongoing progress and provide proof of their ability to meet the state standards. At no time will health or driver education be replaced through Option II. 

Randolph High School Varsity student athletes who are interested in creating their own learning experience via Option II may complete the Option II application. Student athletes in grades 10, 11 and 12 involved in competitive, recognized athletic endeavors outside of Randolph High School may also submit an application. 

The Option II application process, as well as the criteria associated with applying, may be reviewed with the Option II Coordinator or the student’s individual counselor. Once the application is completed, it will be approved by the physical education supervisor to determine if the learning standards will be satisfied through the activities and assessments listed. The Option II coordinator will review the application to be sure it is complete and will be responsible for monitoring progress. All applications will be reviewed by the building principal. 

Students accepted into this alternative physical education option will report to a designated location during the assigned physical education period. Students will not be allowed to substitute another class in place of alternative physical education. The grade for Option II will be on a pass/fail basis. Students should be aware that a pass/fail grade will not have the same positive effect on the grade point average as receiving an "A" in a physical education class.

Questions should be directed to individual school counselors, the Option II coordinator, department supervisor or building principal.