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Gifted and Talented Programs

Elementary Education

The Randolph Township Schools Gifted/Talented Enrichment Program promotes learning through differentiation, expansion of curiosity and creativity. This is achieved through independent study and by providing opportunities to think at higher levels in order to develop the mind, visualize ideas and seek new approaches to problem solving. These skills are vital to our pupils’ success in an ever-changing world. 

Each child is unique and has special talents. Our responsibility is to provide experiences in an atmosphere in which these talents will be nurtured, and new talents will be acquired and encouraged. Our aim is to recognize pupil interest and need, to be inclusionary and to provide differentiated experiences that are developmentally appropriate and effective for all learners. 


1. Develop a positive self-concept through a caring environment where each pupil is valued as an individual 

2. Allow pupils to learn and interact with other pupils of similar abilities 

3. Develop critical and creative thinking and problem-solving skills 

4. Develop the attitudes and skills needed for independent study and learning 

5. Nurture gifts and talents through additional appropriate opportunities that challenge potentially gifted learners 

All pupils in grades K – 5 receive in-class enrichment through a variety of differentiated activities that are aligned with district curriculum. These are provided by the classroom teacher. The enrichment activities provide appropriately challenging experiences that enhance learning and develop outlets for creative and productive work for all pupils. Some pupils who demonstrate advanced and higher-level ability will have opportunities to access curriculum at a grade level above their placement. 

Multiple measures are considered when evaluating every student’s curricular progress and experience, including but not limited to: 

  • Classroom performance 
  • Running Records 
  • Benchmark Assessments 
  • NWEA MAP Assessments (3 times per year) 
  • Progress Report Indicators 

Middle School Education

Randolph Middle School offers a variety of accelerated classes along with a robust enrichment program. These classes are designed for students looking to challenge themselves in a variety of content areas. For enrichment, all students are evaluated for continued participation in the program from year to year, and so long as a student maintains a 90% or above grade point average, they may remain in the program for the subsequent semester. For more information about our enrichment program(s), please review the information provided below. 

Enrichment Application

High School Education

Randolph High School offers many different honors level courses and approximately 30 Advanced Placement courses for students to explore. Students are permitted to select any Advanced Placement course beginning their freshman year of high school. The high school offers the prestigious Advanced Placement Capstone program for students who are academically motivated and seeking to improve their reading, writing, and research skills. For more information on our Advanced Placement Programs, please visit the link below:

Advanced Placement

K-12 Policy Information

In accordance with N.J.A.C 18A:35-38 and District Policy and Regulation 2464, concerns about the delivery of gifted instruction can be raised through the appeal process outlined within policy.


Gifted and Talented Appeals