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Emergency Virtual Instruction

In the event that state or county agencies dictate that our school district or individual schools must shift to a fully virtual environment for all students and staff, the information and building schedules included in this plan will be followed at our elementary, middle, and high schools until the district or those buildings are able to return to in-person learning.

As per executive order P.L.2020, c.27, school districts must annually submit its proposed program for virtual instruction to the New Jersey Commissioner of Education. This provides for the continuity of instruction in the event of a public-health related district closure so that schools can utilize virtual instruction to satisfy the 180-day requirement pursuant to N.J.S.A. 18A:7F-9.

When virtual instruction is being implemented, each level in the school district (elementary, middle, and high) will have schedules detailing the instructional day for students and staff. All professionals will also be available to students for the outlined school day. The expectation is that there is meaningful interaction between teachers and students for each scheduled class during the day. Teachers do have the flexibility to plan learning opportunities to meet their current classroom and student needs including accelerated learning opportunities and to provide social and emotional support for students when necessary. Title I programs will continue as scheduled. Depending on the nature of the closing, the district will assess the appropriateness of extra-curricular, childcare programs, and community programs. Depending on the nature of the closing, transportation will continue to be provided to open buildings. A list of essential employees will be provided to the county office at the time the LEA transitions to virtual instruction.

This plan outlines how Randolph Township Schools is prepared to meet guidance from the New Jersey Department of Education in a number of key areas.

Fully Virtual Plan