RHS Code of Conduct


    Code of Conduct 


    Policy on Discipline

    All students at RHS have the right to a thorough and efficient education. Every student has the responsibility to conduct him/herself in a manner that embodies the RAM values and enhances the educational atmosphere at RHS.

    The code of conduct is used as a guide for administrators in determining the appropriate penalty for the infraction at issue.  The administration has the authority to deviate from penalties set forth in this code of conduct and to use discretion depending upon the severity and frequency of incident(s) and the student's prior disciplinary record if any.  

    Consequences appear as Level 1-3 with the understanding that depending on the severity, first offense may receive consequences at Level 3.

    The maintenance of discipline is a cooperative task between the home and the school.  If difficulty occurs with an individual pupil, we will first try to find the cause of the problem.  Many times the underlying cause of the problem is minor and can be remedied without parental involvement.   In more serious cases requiring disciplinary action, parents will be contacted immediately.   

    Suspension from school may occur if deliberate acts of a pupil cause injury to the health, morals, or welfare of others; if there is a serious violation of school regulations; or if the conduct of the pupil interferes with the education of other pupils in the classroom.  In the event of suspension, the student may not return to school until the parents have met with a building administration for a re-entry meeting.

    When students have demonstrated positive behavior within the school and their efforts and behavior have made a positive impact on the school community, they may receive acknowledgements in a variety of ways.

    Students may receive:

    •    Certificates of Merit

    •    Free Admission to events

    •    Special Privileges


    Code of Conduct 2019-2020






    Respect + Attitude +Maturity = Success

    Respect We show empathy for one another We treat others as we wish to be treated.  We think before we speak or act. We value each other's feelings and basic rights We respect one another.

    Attitude: We show positivity. We care about and embrace diversity.   We show pride in our school and ourselves and we set the tone for our environment. We exhibit a good attitude.

    Maturity We own our actions We are accountable. We show a willingness to grow and an equal willingness to accept change We are honest.  We are mature.

    Success:   The end result.   When we care about one another, when we exhibit all the qualities of being a RAM, we, together, achieve the greatest success.


    When a disciplinary infraction occurs it is because specific actions do meet the expectations of one or many of the RAMS Values that were established and defined by a committee made up of students, parents, teachers, and administrators.

    Information Regarding the Code of Conduct Chart

    •  It is understood that student behavior in most cases will be addressed by the classroom teacher first prior to being referred to the grade level administrator.

    •  Students exhibiting behavior(s) that significantly interfere with learning and or the well being of other members of the school community will be reported to the grade level vice principal.

    •    A behavioral incident report will be completed for each behavior at every level by administration.

    • The grade level vice principal shall confer with student and staff member to establish appropriate disciplinary consequences.  More than one disciplinary option may be assigned Repeated violations will result in a more severe response.

    •  Discipline incidents that severely interfere with other's safety and learning, damage property, and are threatening or harmful in nature may result in suspension.  The type and length of each suspension is at the discretion of the administration as governed by New Jersey Administrative Code 6A:16-7.2/7.3 and Board Policy 5600 and Policy5610.

    • Before consequences for a classified student are determined, contact will be made with the Child Study Team. 

    •  SSDS Incident Report refers to Student Safety Data System- this form will be completed when the infraction so dictates.


    Disciplinary Consequences

    Unit Lunch Detention

    Full lunch period assigned for intervention as outlined in the student Code of Conduct.  Unit Lunch Detention will be held in a designated classroom on a daily basis.  Personal, Athletic or Extra-Curricular schedules are NOT taken into consideration when assigning Unit Lunch Detention.

    After School   Detention

    After school time assigned to address violations as outlined in the student Code of Conduct.  After school detentions will be held in a designated classroom on Tuesday, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 2:30 pm to 3:45 pm. Personal, Athletic or Extra-Curricular schedules are NOT taken into consideration when assigning After School Detention.

    Saturday Detention

    Four hours (8am-12pm) of detention on Saturday morning on a specific date to be determined by administration.  Personal, Athletic or Extra-Curricular schedules are NOT taken into consideration when assigning Saturday Detention.

    Internal School Detention

    Temporarily removes a student from his/her classes- assigned to a specific room for the duration of the school day. Personal, Athletic or Extra-Curricular schedules are NOT taken into consideration when assigning ISD.

    External Suspension

    Student PRECLUDED ON THE DAY(S) OF THE EXTERNAL SUSPENSION from attending school and any/all related/sponsored activities including, but not limited to: athletic competitions (as fan or participant), the play, academic clubs, prom, field trips, graduation etc. Personal, Athletic or Extra-Curricular schedules are NOT taken into consideration when assigning suspension.


    Appeals / Due Process

    Board of Education policy 5710 provides specific information to parents/students regarding the appeal process.


    *Should you wish additional information on community resources, please visit guidance and/or the main office.

    Please click the link below to access the current RHS Code of Conduct. 


    Code of Conduct 2019-2020

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