Helping Hands: Peer Mentors Available!


    Randolph High School is excited to announce that Helping Hands is now a club! We have partnered with the Special Services Department to pair high-school mentors with elementary and middle school-aged children for the purpose of social integration.  Elementary and middle school-aged children will be assigned a mentor who can offer support at social activities.  The high school mentors can assist at a variety of events such as:  clubs, recreational sports, school events (i.e. ice cream socials, dances). 

    A form is available on this webpage for families interested in being assigned a mentor for their child to have along with them at social events. 

    RHS students interested in becoming mentors can complete the form available on this webpage. Additionally, mentor trainings are scheduled for those interested in learning about the skills needed to be supportive of elementary and middle school-aged children in a social setting.  

    If you would like to learn more about this opportunity and if it is appropriate for your child please contact:  

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