Interested in serving on PAG?

  • The Special Education Parent Advisory Group is a critically important group to any Director who values the input of the community.  The group is kept vibrant, with a combination of current members and an addition of new volunteers.  The group members are selected by the Special Services administration in an effort to represent all levels of disability, all grade levels as well as both in-district and out of district students.  The group meets approximately monthly, with meetings lasting about an hour.  

    PAG members serve a total of a two year term.  If you are interested in serving as a member of PAG, you can submit your interest to your child's case manager, or directly to the Special Services Department.  If you are selected to serve as a member, you will receive a letter from me during the summer months.  This will allow for members to be finalized prior to the start of a new school year.  I can be emailed at:

    Please include the following in your letter of interest:  

    Parent First and Last Name:  
    Child(ren)'s Name(s):  
    Child(ren)'s Grade Level(s):  
    Child(ren)'s Case Manager: 
    Child(ren)'s Special Education Program:
    Previous Experience Serving on PAG:    

    -Walter Curioni
    Director of Special Services