• P.E.C. is a collaboration between parents and the Special Services Department of Randolph. By working together, our goals are:

        • To provide support and advocacy for families with children who have special needs.
        • To develop more effective communication between parents and special services personnel in the schools.
        • To provide programs and information for parents and professionals on current topics in special education.
        • To improve the educational, recreational, vocational and social programs for our children.
        • To keep abreast of federal, state and local legislation that may affect the education of exceptional children.
    By working together we can help our children grow, and help the community to better understand the special needs of our children.

    Membership is open to all parents, teachers, professionals and community members who are interested in the lives and education of children with special needs.

    If you are interested in being added to our PEC email distribution list please contact Mrs. Dorene Roche at We look forward to hearing from you!