American Sign Language

  • Randolph High School is proud to include American Sign Language as one of the world language options for our students.  On August 10, 2015, Bill S1760 was approved recognizing American Sign Language as a world language for meeting high school graduation requirements in the state of New Jersey.  American Sign Language is a visual-gestural language which uses not only the hands but also facial expressions, head movements, and movements of the body to convey meaning.  It has its own grammar, vocabulary, syntax, idioms and word order which are separate from English.  ASL is used primarily in the United States and Canada.


    At Randolph High School, the study of American Sign Language is a cumulative experience which focuses on communicative competence and the grammatical structures of ASL. This course will be truly an immersive experience for our students.  ASL I will include basic sign vocabulary, structure, syntax and grammar.   It will stress mastering the basics of fingerspelling, numbers and colors.  Students will also learn conversational/cultural behaviors necessary to hold a beginning-level conversation in ASL. Additionally, students will learn about Deaf culture.


    Parents and students should note that not all colleges and universities accept American Sign Language in fulfillment of the world language requirement.  For this reason, below is the most updated list of colleges and universities accepting American Sign Language.  This list has been put out by the University of New Mexico for the past 10 years and is regularly updated.  However, this is an informal list and therefore may not include some institutions which accept ASL as a formal world language requirement.  Please keep in mind that some schools may accept ASL as their formal world language requirement whereas others may only accept it in certain colleges, divisions or departments. 


    Parents and students should certainly feel free to speak to their school counselors regarding colleges and universities recognizing ASL as a world language.


    The list of colleges and universities accepting ASL for admissions can be found at the following link: