• As we continue to prepare for COVID-19 and take steps in the event of a school closing, please be aware that RMS staff are working tirelessly to support you and your family during this time. We have included resources for parents to use at home with your middle school aged students. We are aware of the impact the change of routine may have on our students, therefore, want you to know that we will be available via e-mail each day for additional support as needed.


    Below are resources that can be reviewed and used during your time at home.


    Talking with Your Children About the Coronavirus

    Tips for Engaging with Your Child

    Tips for Limiting Screen Time 


    In addition, monthly mental health newsletters are attached. These newsletters have been developed by staff for staff, however, the information is relevant for families as well. November Volume 4, Anxiety, Mindfulness, Social Media


    Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns. The team will remain available throughout the potential closing to support families in need.






    Amanda Weiner – Aweiner@rtnj.org

    Susan Herschman – Sherschman@rtnj.org

    Kerri Siedenburg – Ksiedenburg@rtnj.org

    Emilyrose Manfredonia – Emanfredonia@rtnj.org

    Danielle Wever – Dwever@rtnj.org