Scheduling for Grade 6 in 2020-21


    ALL students must request certain courses for the upcoming school year through the Genesis Parent Portal.  The portal will be open for selecting course requests from February 24 through March 2, 2020.   Instructions on how to make requests through the Parent Portal are attached below.


    Parent/Guardians are reminded that they are selecting course requests for next year.  Every attempt is made to honor student requests. Student schedules will be finalized/posted for parent review during the summer. 


    Students requiring courses through our special services department will have their IEP mandated courses selected by their case manager.  A schedule of courses will be determined at the annual IEP conference.


    Attention: Band, Chorus and/or Orchestra Students

    Let's start with something simple: requesting Band, Chorus and/or Orchestra.  Once in the Parent Portal, if you choose to participate in the music program (not an elective, but the band, chorus, and/or orchestra) you need to request Band, Orchestra or Chorus.  You will find these options listed under Visual and Performing Arts.


    You may choose:

    • 6001 Band 6
    • 6012 Orchestra 6
    • 6013 Chorus 6

    OR you may choose

    • BOTH 6001 Band 6 & 6013 Chorus 6
    • BOTH 6012 Orchestra 6 & 6013 Chorus 6
    • The combination of 6001 Band 6 & 6012 Orchestra 6 is not an option, DO NOT select them both.  


    Next Year's Schedule:

    Most courses will be pre-requested for all 6th grade students.

    For the coming school year your child will take courses for 7 periods.  These 5 courses are requested for you:

    1. Language Arts 6 (requested for you)
    2. Mathematics 6 (requested for you)
    3. Social Studies 6 (requested for you)
    4. Science 6 (requested for you)
    5. Wellness 6 (requested for you)

    You Must Request Courses for 2 remaining periods:

    1. A World Language Class: Spanish-Beginners, Spanish for Native/Heritage Speakers 1 (for students who speak Spanish in the home), French-Beginners, or Mandarin-Beginners.
    2. Four (4) Elective Courses which are a marking period in length. (The required Financial & Technology Literacy Course is requested for you). That will allow for Genesis to best fill the student's schedule with an elective for each quarter (totaling four) without leaving any gaps. Course Descriptions are listed herePlease do NOT select more than four (4).



     Parents Interested in Enrichment at RMS:


    Information about the Enrichment program at RMS will come home to you from your child's current teacher in the month of April.  The process for applying to that program will be explained in that documentation.  



    Questions/Concerns: Contact your child's Elementary Counselor 

    Counselors:   Debra Hessels (FB & SH)

    Megan Ingman (CG & IR)

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