Scheduling 2020 - 2021


     The Parent Portal will be open at 2:00 PM on

    February 24, 2020 and close on March 2nd at 2:00 PM.


    2020-2021 Scheduling Letter to all Randolph High School Families - Incoming Grades 9-12

    2020-2021 Scheduling Directions for ALL STUDENTS

    Scheduling Directions with Screen Shots 

    Elective Graduation Sheet - Elective Courses and Graduation Requirements

    Academic Waiver Application - See description below


    Essential Information 


    All incoming 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grade students must enter their course requests online, via the Genesis portal, during the scheduling window.  Students and parents/guardians are strongly encouraged to enter their course requests as early in the scheduling window as possible.   

    These pages contain essential information for making informed decisions about course selection. 


    Online Course Requests 

    During the scheduling window, ALL students and their parents/guardians will be asked to select courses for the upcoming school year.  Please remember that all student requests will be reviewed by the school counselors and the counselors will meet with their students to review and discuss course requests, future plans, academic pathways and rigor, and graduation and post-high school requirements.


    Teacher Recommendations and Academic Waivers

    Teachers make recommendations for the appropriate courses and levels for each of their students and all teachers are required to discusses these recommendations with each student.  Your son or daughter's teacher recommendations will be visible during the course selection process.  When choosing courses, parents/guardians are encouraged to follow the recommendation of the current classroom teacher.   

    Academic Waivers have a deadline of April 30, 2020 and those received after that date may not be honored. An Academic Waiver is required for all students seeking to enroll in a course level that they were not recommended for by their current teacher. 

    The RHS Academic Waiver Form can be obtained by the link provided below.  Please remember that the waiver MUST be submitted to the school counselor.


    Scheduling Timeline 

    Jan. 28, 2020                            Curriculum Handbooks available on-line

    Jan 28, 2020                             Scheduling Website Available on-line

    February 15, 2020                     Teacher Recommendations Available in Genesis

    February 24-March 2, 2020         Student Requests Entered into Genesis – Student/Parents

    March 2- 12, 2020                      School Counselors Review Course selections

    March 20-April 15, 2020              Master Schedule Development

    May, 2020                                  Schedule Conflicts will be Addressed by Counselors

    July 1, 2020                               Tentative Student Schedules will be Released


    2020-2021 Curriculum Handbook

    The most important source of information for all students and their parents/guardians is the 2020-2021 Curriculum Handbook.  Our updated handbook contains all information pertaining to our course offerings, our grading policies, our GPA calculation and a number of other academic policies and procedures. You can access our handbook by clicking the link below.


    Counselor Contact

    Current eighth grade students should contact Ms. Mizzoni our eighth grade school counselor, with any scheduling or course selection questions.  The RHS school counselors will address all questions and concerns for students currently in grades 9-11.


    Eighth Grade Students   - Ms. Mizzoni                 

    Ninth - Eleventh Grade   - Mr. Bowditch               

                                          Mrs. Brown                 

                                          Mrs. Landers               

                                          Ms. Milano                  

                                          Mrs. Verran                 

                                          Mrs. Oyola                   

                                          Ms. Finocchiaro            


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