• Scholarships

    Searching for scholarships is an ongoing process that begins in the junior year and students are encouraged to be active in this search.  The RHS school counseling office receives many scholarships annually and all are posted in Naviance.  Paper applications for scholarships are no longer available. When the scholarship file is updated, students will receive an email notification of the additions to the scholarship list. If students and families have questions about a scholarship, they should reach out to their school counselor or Ms. Jennifer Huey, our College and Career Specialist, Jennifer Huey.

    • Local Scholarships - Annually, approximately 45 local businesses and organizations offer scholarships to our seniors.  Local scholarships are only available to RHS seniors.  Students must apply for these local scholarships using the forms available in Naviance.  The application period typically runs through mid-April.  Criteria varies by scholarship, as does the actual application.  Seniors are strongly encouraged to apply for all of the local scholarships that they meet the criteria for.  Local scholarships are awarded at our annual Senior Scholarship night in early June. 
    • Area Scholarships - New Jersey organizations and businesses annually offer scholarships to area high schools for their graduating seniors.  These are received by our school counseling office and posted on the Naviance website.  Criteria varies by scholarship, as does the actual application.  
    • National Scholarships - National scholarships are available annually and are posted on the Naviance Website.


    Scholarship Information & Search on the Web

    There is a great deal of information to be found on the internet.  Students and their parents/guardians have found the following websites helpful in their scholarship search.  

    Fast Web

    Peterson's Scholarship Search