• The Kahn Academy

    The Kahn Academy SAT Preparation is SAT practice that focuses on exactly what you need to work on most.  The Kahn Academy links your performance on the PSAT directly to test preparation for th SAT reasoning test.  

    With Official SAT Practice on Khan Academy, wtudents will:
    • get a personalized plan tailored to their strengths and weaknesses based on their previous PSAT/NMSQT® or SAT results or our diagnostics;
    • hone their skills with thousands of practice questions, hints, and video lessons;
    • take up to eight official full-length practice tests online or on paper;
    • receive instant feedback and adaptive recommendations for what to practice;
    • set a personalized practice schedule to get reminders for when to practice; and
    • review expert tips and strategies for the test. 
    When students sign up for Official SAT Practice on Khan Academy, they create a regular weekly practice schedule that works for them.
    Our research has shown that students who study daily (e.g. 5 days a week) for short periods of time (15-30 minutes) are able to build a more successful habit of practicing for the SAT.
    The Kahn Academy features:
    • Interactive problems
    • Video lessons
    • Full-length practice tests
    • Personalized study plan
    • Instant SAT Essay feedback

    Link to the Kahn Academy Here.      Kahn Academy

    Learn how to link your collegeboard account to the Kahn Academy by watching this short video.

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    The collegeboard notes the SAT Score Improvements through the Kahn Academy program vai the graphic below.  Thegraph shows shows the average number of points gained from PSAT/NMSQT to SAT associated with the hours spent practicing on Khan Academy.

    With no Official SAT Practice there was an average gain of about 60 points. With six hours of Official SAT Practice there was an average gain of about 90 points. With twenty hours of Official SAT Practice there was an average gain of about 115 points.