• High School Counseling

    High school counselors are assigned alphabetically, however many out-of-alphabet exceptions exist.  RHS has seven school counselors and one college and career specialist.   Mr. Bowditch, Ms. Cavaliere, Ms. Finocchiaro, Ms. Landers, Ms. Milano, Ms. Piccolo and Ms. Verran each have students in grades 9-12.  Ms. Huey, our college and career specialist, works with all students.

    What can families expect when working with our high school counselors?

    High school counselors work with students to improve and enhance academic and social skills essential to post-high school readiness.  They help to focus students on academics and support them as they move through adolescence and prepare for their next step.  Academic and post-high school planning are at the forefront of most interactions at RHS.  Social emotional wellness is a focus in all district schools, and the high school counselors work hard to assist students in balancing their rigorous academics with their extra-curricular and home involvements. 

    How do our high school counselors address this rewarding aspect of a student’s development?

    High School, School counselors are assigned alphabetically.  The actual letters assigned each year vary as do the number of students in the incoming class and there are out-of-alphabet exceptions for each school counselor.  Families with students in multiple grades should plan to have only one school counselor for all students.  Counselors will remain with the students throughout high school. 

    All RHS counselors are expected to meet individually with all their students twice each school year.

    Our high school counselors traditionally host several night events annually.

    • September – Senior College Application Night & Financial Aid Night
    • October – Early College Planning Night
    • November – Junior College Planning Night
    • January – NCAA – College Athletics Night
    • May – College Essay night

    Classroom Lessons 

    High School Counselors teach classroom lessons on various topics.  Counselors will push into classrooms and lead students in lessons such as:

    • Making the Most of Your Senior Year
    • Writing an Effective college Application Essay
    • How to Use Your PSAT Scores for College Exploration
    • Accessing Programs for SAT Preparation
    • Accessing and Unlocking the Naviance Program
    • Transitioning to Your “Next Step”

    Individual Counseling 

    High School Counselors work individually with the students and meet them “where they are” in their journey.  Most of our individual conferences revolve around social emotional wellness and development as well as academic success.  Counselors will work individually with students identified by teachers, administration, parents/guardians.  In many instances the students seek the assistance of the school counselor.   In, January, all RHS counselors will reach out to their junior families to schedule a post-high school planning conference.

    Small Group Counseling 

    High School Counselors work with students in small groups.  Groups are established by the counseling team based on student need an input is accepted from teachers, support staff and administration.  Often the group process is a very effective way to support students needing assistance with topics such as:

    • Changing Families
    • Student Balance and Wellness
    • Dealing with Grief or Loss
    • Attendance and School Connectedness
    • Self-Discovery

    Groups are typically run with no more than five or six students and last for six to eight weeks.  High school groups, if appropriate, may have students form multiple grade levels.  All groups are discussed with building level administration and monitored by the Director of School Counseling.  Written parental permission is required for students to participate in a small group and summary records are reviewed annually to enhance group opportunities in the future for all students.