• Middle School School Counseling

    Randolph Township Schools has three middle school counselors. Ms. Naclerio works with all sixth grade students, Ms. Wagener works with all 7th grade students, and Ms. Mizzoni works with all students in eighth grade.

    What can families expect when working with our middle school counselors?

    School counselors work with students to develop various academic and social skills that can translate to better grades, stronger friendships, improved behavior and other positive outcomes. The middle school years are a transitional time for students and our school counselors help to guide students through these years by helping them establish individual supports that may include their parents, school leaders, teachers and friends. During middle school, students begin to think more seriously about their academic and post-high school options and our counselors tailor their efforts to support this growth.

    How do our middle school counselors reach out to students during the middle school years?

    Middle school counselors are assigned to an entire grade level.  The middle school counselors remain with their students through all three, middle school years. 

    All RMS counselors are expected to meet individually with all their students twice each school year.

    Our middle school counselors coordinate weekly team meetings with all teams in their grade level.  At these meetings individual student progress and needs are discussed and may lead to further involvement.

    Our middle school counselors serve on the Intervention and Referral Services Committee.  This mandated committee meets weekly to discuss students who are at risk academically, socially or personally.

    Individual Counseling – Middle School Counselors work individually with the students in their grade level assisting with the many aspects of navigating early adolescence.  Counselors will work individually with students identified by teachers, administration, parents/guardians.  In many instances the students seek the assistance of the school counselor.   

    Small Group Counseling – Middle School Counselors work with students in small groups.  Groups are established by the counseling team based on student need an input is accepted from teachers, support staff and administration.  Often the group process is a very effective way to support students needing assistance with topics such as:

    • Social Skills Group
    • Self- Regulation/Self-Awareness Group
    • Changing Families Group
    • Friendship Group
    • Anxiety Group
    • Academic Success Group

    Groups are typically run with no more than five or six students and last for six to eight weeks.  Middle school groups, if appropriate, may have students form multiple grade levels.  All groups are discussed with building level administration and monitored by the Director of School Counseling.  Written parental permission is required for students to participate in a small group and summary records are reviewed annually to enhance group opportunities in the future for all students.

    Classroom Lessons – Middle School Counselors teach classroom lessons on topics of need or importance. While some lessons are pro-active in nature, some are responsive and address topics of more immediate need.  Counselors will push into classrooms and lead students in lessons such as:

    • Careers and Career Interest Inventory
    • Character Education
    • Decision Making
    • Self-Awareness