Visual Arts

  • Art is basic and essential to the general education of students in the Randolph Township Schools.  It is vital in nurturing the quality of life of all students. Courses focus on the individual artist’s ability to utilize skills, think creatively and solve problems in order to develop their own beliefs and values through the visual arts. It is our aim to guide the students into experiences that will extend their understanding of the world around them and provide tools with which to navigate.

    This curriculum was developed with the approach to teaching the four disciplines of visual arts; aesthetics, art criticism, art production and art heritage.  It regards art as a way of thinking and knowing, essential to the learning of every student.  The Visual Arts Curriculum was reviewed by the Curriculum Review and Education Committees, and was approved by the Board of Education on September 19, 2007. 

    If you have any questions about this curriculum, please contact the Supervisor of Visual and Performing Arts, Mr. Frank Perrone, at (973) 361-2400 extension 6515.

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