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    The Humanities Department is a community of learners, students and teachers alike, dedicated to exploring how people from across time periods and places have sought to explain and chronicle human experience.  Our students and faculty collaborate to acquire and use knowledge to develop and communicate ideas, promote continued inquiry, and advance solutions to problems. We examine the essential questions posited in English and social studies courses in our shared attempt to understand the experiences of those who have come before us, those with whom we share the world today and those who shall come after us. 



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    Supervisor of Humanities, Grades 9-12

    Dr. Amelia Wright (973) 361-0808 ext. 6516

     Instagram: @rhs_humanities

    Twitter: @AmeliaWWright











    Lisa DiAgostino


    Humanities Supervisor, Grades 6-8: Mrs. Lisa DiAgostino

    (973) 361-0808 ext. 5225