• Ron Conti, Board President

     Ronald Conti


    Helping students reach their full potential is most important…

    A successful education is crucial for a successful adult life.  I joined the Board of Education to help ensure that all Randolph students reach their full potential. Also, being on the Board of Education is incredibly interesting and rewarding.

    Randolph students are succeeding in amazing ways…

    Seeing the great things our students are doing fills me with the biggest sense of pride.  Randolph students are tackling academics earlier than past years and succeeding in amazing ways.  Whether it's high school students having their research projects published in academic journals, our athletics programs winning awards, our music students accepted to perform in regional and national bands, or our elementary students researching and addressing ways to improve the school lunch menu; I am often filled with pride and awe.  We continue to set the bar high, and our students continue to rise above where it was set. 

    We must support all aspects of the student…

    While on the BOE, I want all students to be as well prepared for their post-high school years as possible. To do so, we must support all aspects of the student, social/emotional, academic, athletics, and visual and performing arts; and accomplish this at a cost that is fair to the taxpayers. 

    The Board committees I enjoy the most are education, policy and communications…

    I’ve had the good fortune of being on most of the committees and I’ve enjoyed all of them. My three favorite committees are education, policy and communications. The presentations and information shared in the education committee meetings give a great insight into what the students, teachers and administrators are doing presently and what they are planning to do in the near future.  Policy committee takes a deep dive into issues and addresses how to handle those situations in the future. I enjoy the detailed and focused conversations as the Board of Education creates “laws” to help guide the district.  Successful communication, whether listening, spoken or written, is crucial.  The Communications committee forces us to think outside of the box and try new ways to inform the community, students and parents. 

    What was your favorite subject in school?

    I enjoyed the hands-on learning and problem solving that science and my high school “computers” classes provided. 

    What do you most enjoy doing in your spare time?

    I enjoy movies, reading, playing with computers (programming, building, home automation, etc.) and comic books. Lately, I’ve started running—I’m not very good, but it’s pretty cool.

    Any other fun facts about you we should know?

    In high school, I was the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) state VP and also the student rep to the BOE. 

  • image of Joe Faranetta, Board Vice President

    Joe Faranetta

    Vice President

    Part of a great team…

    I chose to join the Board because I simply wanted to be a part of a great team that is responsible for some very important work in Randolph.    

    There is nothing better than seeing students succeed…

    Without question, the most rewarding thing about being on the Board is seeing just how successful our students are.  Award after award. Smile after smile. There is nothing better than that.

    Our kids deserve to excel…

    Continual evolution of the District is necessary to provide students with what they need to excel in their future.  Our world changes at a faster pace every day and we need to keep up with that change.  Our kids deserve that.

    I enjoy all the hard work of the Board committees…

    All of them.  We have such a good group of members and administrators it is always a pleasure to roll up our sleeves and get our work done.  Do we always agree?  Of course not.  But like any tight group, we debate, unite on an answer and support it going forward.

    What was your favorite subject in school?

    Science in general, but physics in particular. 

    What do you most enjoy doing in your spare time?

    Being with my family (which seems like a contradiction given how much time being a Board member requires).  My wife and I do most everything together, and, up until our kids became adults with their own calendars, we were routinely a foursome.  If one of us was playing a sport, the other three were there to watch.  If we were going on vacation, we all went together.  Even now, with the challenge of balancing the kids work life with ours, we still find time for family vacations and even scratch out time together on the softball fields.

  • image of Anne Standridge

    Anne Standridge

    I wanted to offer my experience to the Board of Education…

    After living in Randolph for 27 years (when I first became a member) and having three children attend Randolph Schools at all educational levels and volunteering in many ways in the Township I felt I had something to offer the BOE.

    Student accomplishments are a highlight…

    The accomplishments of our students give me the greatest sense of pride as a member of the BOE.

    I hope to see the continued support and expansion of important programs such as…

    There is so much that I look forward to seeing in our District in the near future. The continued support and expansion of our Transition House and program. The continued success of the OASIS program at the High School and Middle School. The District improvements funded by the referendum completed on time and within budget. Continuing to provide the same level of education to our students while staying under the 2% cap for the budget.

    I most enjoy the Education Committee…

    The presentations from our staff and students at Education Committee meetings are inspiring.

    What was your favorite subject in school?

    Social Studies

    What do you most enjoy doing in your spare time?

    Spending time with my children and grandson.

  • image of Sheldon Epstein

    Sheldon Epstein

    Students, teachers and communities deserve better board representation…

    I had wanted to become a board of education member since I was 17 years old. Two things during my childhood led to that interest.  The first reason I wanted to be a board member was seeing how my mom was treated as a teacher.  At times, it seemed that she and her peers were not afforded the respect that teachers deserve. There are few career choices that impact the world like that of teaching. Teachers guide students in becoming parents, friends and business/community contributors/leaders that are responsible for shaping the world we live in today and tomorrow.

    The second event was a high school closing evaluation by my childhood school district.  The closure choice had been narrowed by the Board to my high school and one other.  This initial selection process was not transparent.  It was widely believed that the initial selection process was done this way to target the other school.  Many people felt that a third school should have been considered too.  As a high school student, I completed substantial research on school contributions and closing options, showing that a third school, eliminated from contention, should be closed.  I presented my analysis to the Board in front of hundreds of community members, and was thanked and complimented on the thoroughness and professionalism of my presentation.  However, the next day at school, a district employee also complimented me...and then ended the comments with "...but we won't hear from you again, will we".  The probable reason?  If my school wouldn’t be closed, why make waves?

    Because of these experiences, I felt that students, teachers and communities deserved better board representation.  I believed that someday I would become a board of education member and make contributions in a supportive and transparent way.  My mom, and all my other teachers throughout life, deserved boards with better perspective and intentions.  My mom and my other teachers deserve credit for encouraging and teaching me how to do just that.

    How I honor my mom (a teacher) and my teachers…

    Graduation ceremonies.  There are few life accomplishments that bring together families, friends and communities in celebration of our children and their successes.

    Runner-up: As a child, I remember strangers (to me) saying "hi" and "thank you" to my mom.  When I asked my mom "who was that," she'd always answer that it was a former student.  This is one way I contribute to educating our children.  Serving on the Board is one way I honor my mom and my teachers.

    Providing students, staff and administrators with the tools to succeed…

    I enjoy Finance, Facilities & Transportation and Education Board committees.  They provide students, staff and administration with the tools to succeed in their careers and lives.

    What was your favorite subject in school?

    Anything involving math and statistics.

    What do you most enjoy doing in your spare time?

    Spare time?  What's that?  Beach vacations with family and friends!

    Any other fun facts about you we should know?

    I’m a Stephen King sci-fi/horror fan.

  • image of Susan DeVito

    Susan DeVito

    A unique perspective for the Board of Education…

    After graduating from Randolph schools, teaching in Randolph schools, and now having a daughter going through the District, I wanted to give back to the community that has given me so much.

    Seeing our students succeed is a great source of pride…

    Nothing compares to seeing our students succeed and excel. Walking through the TREP$ Marketplace, experiencing a home game win, listening to the sounds of the musical, or hearing a student speak at the podium during a Board of Education meeting shows me that our Randolph Schools District has so much to be proud of.

    During my time on the Board, I want to foster great education…

    I hope to take part in continuing Randolph’s long-standing tradition of great education. I am excited that the community passed the Referendum, which will provide new opportunities to our students.

    Our students are truly amazing…

    I always look forward to an Education Committee meeting when I know we have teachers and students sharing what is being done in the classroom. Our students are truly amazing and nothing compares to hearing from them what they are doing in school and how their work has impacted their education and the community around them.

    What was your favorite subject in school?

    My two favorite subjects in school were math and music. As a student in Randolph High School, I chose to participate in the performing arts during all my elective periods as well as for after-school activities. During my tenure at the high school, I had the privilege of being a member of the Wind Ensemble, Marching Band, Concert Choir, Women’s Ensemble, and Touring Choir. Participating in the performing arts helped steer me toward becoming a music educator.

    What do you most enjoy doing in your spare time?

    I am a self-proclaimed nerd and enjoy strategy board games such as Mystic Vale, Dominion, Settlers of Catan, and more. If you see me sitting in Starbucks on my phone, chances are I am completing a daily Sudoku challenge. 

    Any other fun facts about you we should know?

    Would it be embarrassing to admit I am a total crazy cat lady? I have two fur babies at home. Jasper is my wide-eyed orange cat who will look at you suspiciously, prefers to pet you rather than you pet him, and can find a clean pile of laundry to sleep in like it’s his job. Arya is my tiny cat and is a big fluff of love, but you can’t let her charm fool you. Arya is a sneaky lady who will open the garbage can when you’re not looking to get a chicken bone, knock your water glass off the counter, or jump on a doorknob in hopes of getting it open.

  • image of Chris Treston

    Chris Treston

    I want to ensure that the school district is strong…

    I have lived in Randolph for a little over ten years. My wife and I moved here in 2007 specifically to enroll our twins in Kindergarten in Randolph, because of the school district’s excellent reputation. Now that those two kids are high school juniors who will graduate in 2020, I want to invest my own time and effort into ensuring that the school district they leave is every bit as strong, or even stronger, than the one they started in as 5-year-olds.

    Seeing the hard work of students and faculty realized…

    The greatest source of pride in this job is seeing the hard work of students and faculty realized: attending the opening of a best-in-class home for our Special Services department’s post-secondary transition program; being presented with the professional and thorough capstone projects of our eighth-grade students; or simply witnessing the pre-graduation accolades of our graduating seniors. All are amazing opportunities to grasp how important the School District is to the growth of our community’s young people.

    I have three key areas of focus on the Board this year…

    I am continuing to focus on three key areas: fostering a culture that attracts and retains the best educators; continuously improving our facilities and technology; and leveraging our schools’ unique ability to bring the community together, celebrating the remarkable things our students do in ways everyone can enjoy. I am incredibly grateful to the public for supporting the 2018 Referendum. I am hopeful that in my remaining time we can make an equally strong impact on our school and community culture.

    Witnessing the benefits of a Randolph school experience coming to life…

    The task I enjoy most is my work on the Policy Committee. I have always found law and public policy fascinating, and I enjoy trying to communicate succinctly about complicated topics. But the committee I most enjoy as a participant is education, because that is the one meeting in which students and faculty directly share their dedication and passion, and a Board member can witness the benefits of a Randolph school experience coming to life.

    What was your favorite subject in school?

    When I was still in school, living in the moment, my favorite subject was music – instrumental, vocal, any kind. However, the subject that most “stuck with me” was English. Language and literature became a fascination a little later in life, but I credit high school English for putting me onto the path.

    What do you most enjoy doing in your spare time?

    Reading – a variety of genres, although I have a weakness for Stephen King. And preferably on a beach.

    Any other fun facts about you we should know?
    One of the most influential experiences I've ever had was teaching two semester-long classes at George Washington University. Nothing I’ve done since has been as terrifying, nor as rewarding, and because of it, I have a visceral appreciation for the work our faculty and staff do every day.

  • image of Tammy MacKay

    Tammy MacKay

    Helping to shape our School District to provide better opportunities for all types of learners…

    Before being elected to the Board, I was very involved in both the Shongum School PTA and other Randolph PTA organizations. I saw first-hand the difference that volunteers could make in supporting and improving our schools and wanted to become a member of the Board to contribute to improving an already strong School District. In particular, I wanted help shape our School District to provide better opportunities for all types of learners and to encourage and support innovative programs and teaching techniques. 

    Making our School District the best that it can be for our students…

    I am proud to be part of a hard-working group of Board members who volunteer many hours of their time to make our School District the best that it can be for our students, faculty and staff. I am particularly proud when I enter a school or attend an extracurricular event and see how engaged our students are in the academic and extracurricular opportunities available to them.

    Planning and preparing for the upcoming cuts in state aid faced by our School District…

    I have been a Board member for almost 10 years. My current term expires at the end of 2019. My efforts this year will be focused on continuing to oversee the work being done to build the new facilities and improvements authorized by the 2018 Referendum. I will also focus my attention on planning and preparing for the upcoming cuts in state aid faced by our School District. I want to make sure that we do our best to respond to challenges posed by these cuts.

    Our personnel are the lifeblood of our District…

    I have enjoyed serving on the Personnel Committee for most of my tenure on the Board. Our personnel are the lifeblood of our District. I have enjoyed working with our Superintendent to improve and refine our District’s personnel policies and procedures to be more collaborative, effective, and innovative.

    What was your favorite subject in school?

    I leaned towards the sciences in high school and college and did my independent study work in neuroscience.

    What do you most enjoy doing in your spare time?

    I really enjoy traveling and visiting local craft fairs and festivals. I enjoy finding pieces that connect to specific areas or times and which serve as great conversation starters.

    Any fun facts we should know about you?

    I seem to have an unhealthy relationship with Netflix – I am a binge watcher at heart!

  • image of Robert Soni

    Robert Soni

    I want to serve our community in a meaningful way…

    It started with a desire for me and my family to understand how the District worked, what it could do (or do better) for our families, neighbors, friends, and other residents.   I also wanted to serve our community in a meaningful way that is consistent with my background as an operational leader and educator.

    We are committed to a culture of volunteerism…

    Each Board member is committed to a culture of volunteerism. All members are donating their precious and valuable time. All of them are very busy people that care about our students, our teachers, our staff and want to ensure that we are moving forward as a community.

    We need to ensure that our students are mentally and emotionally fit…

    I would like to ensure that our culture of excellence is continued. Excellence in education, athletics, fine arts, and in community involvement are areas where I would like to make sure that the BOE is focused.   We have started a journey that takes us from a view limited in focus that kids needed to be academically and physically fit. In this world we live in – we need to ensure that our students are mentally and emotionally fit as well.   This would mean that we need to continue to improve our culture to address wellness and nutrition and figure out how to gauge meaningful improvement in this area.

    I’m happy to lend my experience in operations and education to the Board…

    The Board of Education’s operational work is covered by many committees. Given my background in operations and education, I’m particularly interested in Finance, Facilities and Transportation, Education, and Policy Committees now.   Every Board member should be interested in finance (and they are).   Education and policy are the back-bones of how the Board interfaces with teachers and staff, and I find them critical areas for Board involvement.

    What was your favorite subject in school?


    What do you most enjoy doing in your spare time?

    Spending time with my family, traveling to distant places and taking lots of pictures.

    Any other fun facts about you we should know?

    I grew up in a small town in Oklahoma (Stillwater) before moving to the Midwest and later New Jersey.   Despite being around animals much of my youth, I managed to live my entire youth there without riding a horse. I did, however, “ride” a horse to my wedding in Central Illinois. My first experience with local government was to petition the town council for permission to close the streets so I could do this.

  • image of Allison Manfred

    Allison Manfred

    I greatly enjoy being engaged…

    As the Center Grove PTO co-president, I was immersed in the goings-on at the elementary school level, and I greatly enjoyed being engaged. I was asked to be a member of the Facilities Task Force in November 2017, which increased my awareness of the other schools in Randolph. I wanted to become involved on a greater scale and give back more to the school community, so I chose to run for a Board seat the following year.

    We can enhance the positive experiences of Randolph students…

    The ability to make decisions that enhance the positive experiences of Randolph students from pre-k to grade 12 is my greatest sense of pride.

    Forming a more cohesive relationship between the Board and the community…

    I hope to have a beneficial impact on the Board by bringing the experiences of an active PTO member. I would like to help form a more cohesive, engaging relationship between the Board and the Randolph community.

    I enjoy working with fellow Board members…

    I enjoy working with fellow Board members who, as parents, care deeply for the Randolph schools and are enthusiastic in their commitment to our students.

    What was your favorite subject in school?

    My favorite subject in school was English, and when I attended college at St. Joseph’s University, I chose to major in English.

    What do you most enjoy doing in your spare time? 

    I hope to have a beneficial impact on the Board by bringing the experiences of an active PTO member. The ability to make decisions that enhance the positive experiences of Randolph students from pre-k to grade 12 is my greatest sense of pride.

    Any other fun facts about you we should know?

    I was the co-copy editor of my university’s weekly newspaper, and I still greatly enjoy reading printed materials.