• August 20, 2020


    To: Parents of Vo-Tech Students:

    We would like to clarify what is happening this year with the transportation of Randolph Township students who attend both the full day and shared time Vo-tech Program.

    Randolph Township school transportation department will provide all full day and A.M shared Vo-Tech students a pass to get on a Randolph Township school bus to get them to our Randolph High School. They will then board a bus, which will be staged at the commons, to go to Vo-Tech. The bus will depart Randolph High School no later than 7:10 A.M.

    Randolph Township School Transportation Department will be providing mid-day buses to and from Vo-Tech. On days when Randolph Schools are closed, Students must find their own way.

    All Vo-Tech students will be brought back to Randolph High School in the P.M to go home. A shuttle bus will then be provided for them to get near or close to home.

    On the days when Randolph Township Schools are closed (snow days) no transportation will be provided.

    On days when Vo-Tech is in session but Randolph Township Schools are not, students must find a way to get to the Randolph High school to be brought to Vo-Tech. They will also need a ride home when they return to Randolph High Scholl in the afternoon.

    On the days when Randolph Township Schools have an early dismissal, a bus will only be provided back to the Randolph High School and parents will have to Transport from there to home.