Is every school bus equipped with seat belts?

    All school buses have seat belts.


    Are bus drivers required to have a Commercial Drivers license?

    All school bus drivers must have a CDL license.


    What does the state require to obtain the CDL license to drive a school bus?

    The driver must pass 3 written DMV tests and a DMV driving test while operating a school bus.


    Are the bus drivers physically fit to drive the bus?

    The drivers are required to have a physical at least every two years by a federal certified CDL doctor.


    Do drivers receive safety training? 

    All drivers receive defensive driving and safety training at the beginning of the school year. They also receive continual education throughout the year. 


    Are the bus drivers DMV histories vetted?

    DMV history is collected at the beginning of every year on all drivers. The bus drivers are also responsible to report any moving violations they receive at any time during the calendar year.


    Are bus drivers required to have a background check? 

    All bus drivers have their criminal history and fingerprints archived with the NJ state DMV.


    How many school bus drivers are in the transportation department?

    We employ 46 full time school bus drivers.


    Are the school buses inspected by the DMV?

    All buses are inspected by the NJ state DMV twice a calendar year.


    Are emergency school bus evacuation drills performed?

    We perform two evacuation drills per year which are performed in front of each school after morning runs.