• Humanities Department

    Capstone Project Mission:


    The person who is schooled in our program has a good sense of self-awareness, a sound moral compass, and the necessary skills and knowledge to take on challenges of the future.  The student is responsible to his or her family, community, nation and world.  In sum, he or she is:


                      A confident person who has a strong sense of equity and justice, is adaptable and resilient, is                     discerning in judgment, thinks independently and critically and communicates effectively;


                      A self-directed learner who takes responsibility for his own learning, who questions, reflects                     and perseveres in the pursuit of learning;


                      A flexible thinker who ably transfers knowledge from any context to new and novel

                      situations, and applies that knowledge fluidly to make connections and solve problems;


                      An active contributor who is able to work effectively in teams, exercises initiative, takes                             calculated risks, is innovative and strives for excellence; and


                      A concerned citizen who has a strong civic consciousness, is informed, and takes an active                         role in bettering the lives of others around her.





    RMS Capstone Project Overview





    Randolph Middle School students in grades 6-8 will participate in interdisciplinary learning  linked to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and authentically advance 21st Century Skill acquisition:






    6th Grade Theme: Activism

    Study of United States History and the Progressive Era, a time of wide-spread activism and political reform, provides an entry point to the concept of social activism.  Students engage in reading, writing and discussion about leaders and innovators who improved the lives of others and left a lasting impact; students gain an understanding that, over time, individuals have changed the world.


    7th Grade Theme: Research

    Study of Geography and Global Citizenship provides the nexus for research on UN Goals and understanding how to locate and analyze accurate and specific data about areas of need related to UN Goals.


    8th Grade Theme: Call to Action

    Interdisciplinary teaching and learning across four core content areas support student engagement in a year-long effort for students to identify, research, collaborate, devise and launch a response to an area of need related to a UN Goal of their choice.