• Substitute Teacher Evaluation- Form 1

    This form must be submitted to the Human Resources Office to Alyssa Koenig after a building administrator meets with the substitute staff member to address their concerns.  Upon receipt, the Human Resources Office with send a letter home confirming receipt of the form and notifying the substitute staff member of the concern.

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  • Substitute Evaluation- Form 2

    This form is to be submitted if a school is requesting the removal of a substitute teacher from their building on a permanent basis.  Please complete this form in addition to Form 1 and submit to Alyssa Koenig in the Human Resources Office.  Upon receipt, the Human Resources Office will notify the substitute of their elimination from the school building.  If a substitute is eliminated from two buildings, they will be removed from the substitute list entirely.

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Substitute Teaching

  • Substitute Teaching

    We welcome your application as a substitute teacher. Substitute teachers provide for continuity of education when regularly assigned teachers are out ill or attending a professional development workshop. Qualified substitutes are always in demand and are an integral part of our school community.


    Education and Certification Requirements

    Applicants must have at least 60 college credits and possess a NJ State Teaching Certificate. Applicants who do not possess a NJ Teaching Certificate must obtain a County Substitute Certificate through the Morris County Superintendent’s Office for a fee is $125.00, which will be processed at the time of your appointment.  All applicants must complete a substitute application that can be found on our web-site under Employee Relations, Employment 

    Once your substitute application has been received and reviewed you will be called for an interview.  Applicants should bring official transcripts, certificates (if applicable) and an updated resume to the interview. If you have any questions in regards to becoming a substitute teacher for the Randolph Township School District, please contact Mrs. Alyssa Koenig at 973-361-0808, ext. 8231 or e-mail at akoenig@rtnj.org. 

    Criminal History Review

    All applicants must submit to a criminal history background check through IdenToGo, information regarding this process will be provided when you arrive for your interview.


    Applicants who have already completed a criminal history review and are currently substituting at another school district are required to have their criminal history fingerprint check archived through IdenToGo, those instructions will be provided at your interview with the district.


    Employment Eligibility Verification

    All new employees must complete an I-9, a federal form establishing eligibility to work. Applicants should bring proof of identity: A passport or 2 of the following - a driver’s license, social security card or birth certificate.

    Availability of Work


    The Randolph Township School District uses an automated substitute scheduling service called AESOP. Substitutes can search and accept job opportunities on line or by phone through this automated service. AESOP will also call qualified substitutes if positions are still vacant the morning of the job availability. More information about this service will be explained during the interview process.



    • County Certified Substitute Certificate and/or NJ Teacher Certification - $95.00 per diem
    • Substitute Nurses with NJ State Nursing Certification and County Substitute Certification or School Nurse Certificate - $170.00 per diem

    Equal Opportunity


    The Randolph Township School District is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Randolph Township School District ensures equal employment opportunities regardless of race, creed, sex, color, national origin, religion, age, sexual orientation or disability. The Randolph Township School District has a policy of active recruitment of qualified minority teachers and non-certified employees.