Notes from the Health Office



    If a student will be absent or late, please call the main number 973-361-0660, press #2 for Fernbrook and then press #1 to let the school know why he/she will not be attending school. If your child will be absent for three days or more or has a communicable disease a written return to school release from a physician is needed. Please do not leave requests for work to be sent home on this line.

    Control of Communicable Diseases
    If a student has had a fever, vomiting and /or gastrointestinal symptoms, he / she must be free of symptoms for 24 hours (without the use of medication) before returning to school. A student must be on antibiotics for 24 hours prior to returning to school to prevent the spread of communicable disease.

    Illness/ Injury in school
    If a student becomes ill or is injured during school they will be sent to the Health Office and evaluated by the School Nurse. If, based on the professional judgment of the nurse, they need to be sent home then their parent will be called to pick them up. If a parent can not be reached in a reasonable period of time the nurse may call the emergency contact person for that student and the emergency contact person may sign the student out of school. Parents/ guardians need to sign these students out in the main office.


    According to Randolph Board of Education policy, students are not allowed to bring any medication to school - including over-the-counter medications such as cough drops - unless the  Randolph Township Schools "Authorization for Medication to be Taken in School" form is completed and signed by both the parent and the student's physician. Parents should bring the medications and the completed form to the school nurse's office.

    Students who need medication during school hours must have the medication brought to school by an adult in the original labeled container with the completed medication form. The medication and completed forms need to be given to the nurse. (see link for medication forms) A STUDENT IS NOT PERMITTED TO CARRY OR SELF-ADMINISTER MEDICATION IN SCHOOL. Responsible students MAY be permitted to carry and self-administer emergency medications, inhalers and epi-pens, with written permission from their physician and parent.

    Physical Education Excuses
    If a student needs to be excused from physical education for more than one day, a written note from a physician is needed. The medical excuse must be specific in nature describing what activities are prohibited (physical education, recess) and for what period of time. Medical clearance is also required to resume activities.

    Physical Examinations
    District policy requires a physical examination by a licensed physician upon entry into the school district regardless of the grade that the student is entering. Immunizations required by the NJ State Department of Health, based on the student's age/ grade level are also required prior to entering school. If you have questions about what immunizations are required for your child please speak with your child's physician or the school nurse.

    Student Health Screenings
    Health Screenings for vision, hearing, blood pressure, height and weight are completed on an ongoing basis throughout the year. Parents will be notified of any findings that may require further medical evaluation.

    Your anticipated cooperation is greatly appreciated. Please feel free to call  973-361-0808 ext 2206 with any questions, concerns or up-dated information.

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