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    Please check daily sheets  and class dojo for reminders.  *Also daily sheets will be sent digitally via Class Dojo.

    In our classroom students are taught a variety of preschool skills with lesson plans based on the NJ Prescool Teaching & Learning Standards. Our day is comprised of Circle Time, Centers, Snack, Whole Group Activities  and/or storytime. 

    • Things you can do at home:
    • Practice Fine Motor Skills (puzzles, coloring in large pictures with thick borders, snipping straws or paper)
    • Cook together! Cooking and following recipes is a great way to learn sequencing, fine motor skills, following directions and the end result tastes good!
    • Read to your child and have them point to and label pictures in the book by function or feature or ask simple "Wh"  (i.e. point to something that says "Moo", where is something that is round?)
    • Play "Eye Spy" with letters and numbers around the home or neighborhoood
    • Read books together, it is a great way to work on language and foster the love of reading

     If there are any iPad Apps that you use at home, please feel free to share with me-it would be great to tie home and school together help build our classroom community! We will be using in the classroom. Asking Social questions is another great acitivty to work on with your child.  Please find a list of social questions in the files on this page.. 

     Check IT Out--See All of Our Class Highlights and Reminders on Class Dojo!

    I hope you enjoy looking  at the pictures and reading about our activities  from the  week! If you haven’t signed up, let me know and I will set you up!

             November Themes and Info: Fall, Thanksgiving, and Turkey. Letters-P, N, M






    Important  Please  check folders and class dojo daily for updates


    Please make sure to check the district calendar for early dismissal days/times as well as school closings.

    Eary Dismissal


    No School:




    Thanksgiving Feast 11/25


    I will be doing Scholastic Book orders for my classroom. I will only be doing online orders-Please do not send in money.The due date for orders will be listed on my Class Dojo App and Classroom Daily Sheets that get sent home.


    Please have orders submitted by due date. Due date reminders will be sent via Class Dojo and  Daily sheet.


    Additional Information/Resources:

    For more information simply click on the links below:

    Preschool Website

    Special Services 

     There are a variety of before and after school activities right here in RANDOLPH that you can do with your child to enhance his/her learning.  If you visit the Randolph Township Library website at you will find a variety of classes that are offered for children of all different ages, skill levels and/or interests.









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