• It is never too early to start exploring your future career options. 

    • Who are you?
    • What are your interest?
    • What are your strengths?
    • What is your definition of success?

    A great way to begin is to use Naviance to take their interest inventory called the Career Interest Profiler.  This is an online career interest assessment for students based on Holland's interest codes. It allows students to complete an inventory which analyzes their interests and pairs the results with potential career matches.

    To find Career Interest Profiler

    o Click on the “careers” tab at the top.

    o In the “what are my interests?” box, click on “career interest profiler”

    o Click, “Start Profiler”

    Another fantastic aspect of Naviance is called "Do What You Are."  This is an online personality assessment that, for many students is a first step in self-exploration.  Successful completion of the assessment will generate a report that will provide you with important information about your personal characteristics. You will learn about careers that are matched to you, your personal strengths and blindspots, how you negotiate in your daily life, and a host of other useful information. You will also see suitable careers and majors.”

     Ms. Huey is always available to assist.  To schedule an appointment with Ms. Huey, top by the school counseling office or email her at