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    Board Of Education Meeting Summary 1/21/20 


    Candidate interviews for the current vacancy on the Board of Education were scheduled to be held during the regular business session. Unfortunately, due to an unforeseen emergency, one of the candidates was not able to participate and as a result, the Board of Education will reschedule candidate interviews. A new date will be selected and advertised as quickly as possible with the interviews expected to occur no later than February 11, 2020.   K-12 Director of School Counseling Greg Dimiceli gave an update on the district’s counseling services. Mr. Dimiceli reviewed departmental expectations, social emotional learning, group counseling, individual counseling, support services, conferences, post high school planning, counseling events, Naviance, and college & career readiness. Randolph Athletic Booster Club (RAMRAC) donated a new scoring table to the district with a 60” LED monitor. The table has many innovative features including the ability to advertise. The estimated value of the donation is $5,952. The scoring table will be used for all appropriate high school athletic contests. The Fernbrook PTO also made a significant donation of $4,800 to offset field trip costs at Fernbrook.

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    Blasting Notification


    In October we anticipated blasting operations would start for our new field house / wellness center between the Randolph High School and the Randolph Middle School, but this work was delayed until recently.


    Starting this week, the Blasting Contractor, J. Fritz Inc., will move equipment on site. The blasting zone is located between both the Randolph Middle School and Randolph High School on the site of the old field house and is a safe distance from both buildings. All blasting operations will be done in strict accordance with all local, State and Federal laws, and safety regulations.


    On or about December 27, 2019 (Friday) blasting will commence and may continue through March 2020. Blasting may take place Monday through Saturday between the hours of 7:00 am and 5:00 pm. There are many safety procedures that will be utilized prior to every blast and they include, but are not limited to:


    1. Signage: Signage will be posted
    2. Signals: There will be multiple signals prior to any blast. A signal will occur (2) two minutes prior to the blast as well as a second signal (1) one minute prior to the blast. School Officials will also be notified in advance.


    Blasting will be at non-damaging levels; however, it is normal for the blasts to be heard and / or felt, sometimes for considerable distances depending upon the local geology and weather conditions.


    We have been coordinating with multiple parties including our Township code enforcement (Fire Marshall), Township Manager and the County.


    If you have any questions, please feel free to email Gerald Eckert at geckert@rtnj.org.


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